What are the uses of Q20 Multipurpose Lubricant?

  • Q20 A useful rust preventive for any exposed metal specifically protects tools from corrosion.
  • Q20 Excellent lubrication for all ball-bearings and chains E.g.: roller blades, skateboards, lawnmowers, bicycles.
  • Q20 Extends life of exterior lights bulbs by 30% ( spray on electrode contacts to displace water and prevent electrical shorting ).
  • Q20 Facilitates movement and prevents grating of door hinges.
  • Q20 Loosens locks and prevents any squeaking.
  • Q20 Lubricates and protects firearms ( recommended by Defence Force ).
  • Q20 Lubricates catches.
  • Q20 Prevents moisture forming in electrical motors especially power tools.
  • Q20 Prevents rust inside car doors.
  • Q20 Prevents seizing of electrical contacts.
  • Q20 Protects the chassis and undercarriage of vehicles, in particular 4-wheel drives,“ a necessity at coastal resorts.

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